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Type of pipes in market:

Metal pipes: As copper and zinc-steel pipes
Plastic pipes: As PVC, PPR, and HDPE pipe
Plastic core metal pipes: As ABS platic core aluminium pipe

The metal pipes have been used the earlest and now, it have been not advantage because of development of plastic pipes. Since 1990s, the plastic pipes have been grow very fast because of their advantages, start by PVC pipe, but slow recently. Instead of HDPE and PPR pipes make increasing choice. Nowaday, the HDPE pipe have been growing by 3-5 times and by 5 times for PPR pipe.


2.1 Advantage from viwapico line

The viwapico pipes are produced in the modern line of Krauss Maffei, Federal Republic of Germany. Our line have high automatic and synchronous and important parameters are always checked by C4 control system so quality of pipe is stable. Wall thickness and diameter pipe are always checked by ultrasonic system that connect with the C4 system to auto - control prameters ensure stabilize products. By special designed screw conformity with PPR and HDPE materials and auto heating control by the C4, our products are good quality. Logo and informations of product are printed regular and clear by modern printer of Imaje, France. Length pipes and smooth cutting face are ensure by automatic and synchronous cutter machine that linked with the C4 system. Strapping and coiler machines makes fine, solid and uniform bundle and coil of pipes. Before sell, our products always check by modern tester of IPT, Federal Republic of Germany.



2.2 Advantages of plastic pipes

Advantages of PPR pipes

  • No harmful, ensure safety and hygiene.

  • High temperature and pressure resistance (up to 20bar at 900C )

  • No noisy and shake when current of water pass

  • Durable connection without leakage

  • Smooth and plain pipe-bed

  • Not polish and depos by hard ion

  • Easy install and transport

  • Average service life over 50 years

  • Good chemical resistance with pH from 1 to14

  • Fine-art: The edge of pipes both inside and outside is smooth and plain with beautiful and harmonious color and fittings with modern style, sharp appearance.

Compare PPR – HDPE viwapico pipe with other types of pipes



Step 1:

  • Prepare welding

  • Connect welding head

  • Turn on

  • Check again welding head

  • Check temperature by pipe

Step 2:

  • Prepare pipe and fittings

  • Measuring and marking the necessary length.

  • Cutting the pipe in perpendicular with the pipe wall

  • Clearning the pipe’s head in contact point

Step 3:

  • When welding machine reachs necessary temperature (Led light self turn off)

  • Putting the pipe and fitting into welding head for several seconds

  • Then connecting the pipe with fittings keeping in several seconds

  • Procedure completed.


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